Your baby is a Hemingway cat. A friend of mine had one who could use her giant paws to turn off her alarm clock.





also lol that’s so next level.

another weird thing is that she also has no tail, though. not like a nub/stump tail like our other one where somebody would have chopped it off but just no tail period. just a butt.

ok so i just touched her thumbs for the first time (i didn’t before because i was still giving her some space to acclimate to living here) and she does have two claws on one thumb!!



what a beautiful mutant! 

this is amaaaaaaazing

oh my goood, my terrible neighbors

who empties their (three!) cats’ litter DIRECTLY into the shared garbage bins?

how can you even be an adult if you can’t tackle a basic fact of human existence without making it a million times worse for everybody else


my upstairs neighbors DIDN’T have their loud stupid conversations right above my bed